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  • Relaxation Awaits

    Have you ever had a massage? I had my first massage a few months ago. I admit—I was skeptical at first. I had heard my friends and family members talk about the benefits of getting a massage; they mentioned how relaxed they felt afterward and how much stress was relieved Continue Reading

  • The Best Charting Around

    Though many medical facilities have gone completely to electronic medical records, there are still some paper records that must be filed. For large offices, hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers, this can translate to a whole lot of paper records and information. Continue Reading

  • Cleaning Up Your Act

    Medical facilities must be kept spotlessly clean to ensure the safety of patients and staff alike. If a hospital does not have a focus on cleanliness, problems will soon arise of an epic nature. Similarly, outpatient surgery facilities, doctor’s offices, physical therapy offices, dentist offices, orthodontist offices, Continue Reading

  • Lost Bandages? Never Again!

    Wound care specialists have a special calling—they must care for patients who are often in great pain. These specialists must be quick on their feet as they provide comforting care to patients who have acute and/or chronic wounds. Continue Reading

  • Are Your Surgery Supplies Out of Control?

    Many patients today prefer to visit an outpatient surgery center for various types of surgery rather than going to a traditional hospital. Location, cost, doctor preference, and convenience all play a role in where a patient decides to have surgery. Continue Reading

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