Are Your Surgery Supplies Out of Control?

January 1, 2014. This entry was posted in Tips & Resources

Many patients today prefer to visit an outpatient surgery center for various types of surgery rather than going to a traditional hospital. Location, cost, doctor preference, and convenience all play a role in where a patient decides to have surgery. A surgery that costs thousands of dollars at a hospital can sometimes be done less expensively in an outpatient surgery center since the surgery center does not have the high overhead costs of a larger hospital.

If you run or work at an outpatient surgery center, you likely see many patients each day. It is a necessity to have the surgical supplies in order in your facility, or your efficiency will be negatively affected.

Quantum Medical can help. At, you will find hundreds of products that can help you organize your surgery supplies. Whether you need medical plastic bins, wire shelving, or other storage solutions, Quantum Medical can provide the medical storage you need for your outpatient surgery facility.

Bins can be used to organize instruments for quick and easy access. Bandages and wound care supplies can also be organized using both bins and shelving. Always have clean gowns for your patients on hand—and have them easy to get to by storing them on convenient wire shelving carts.

Take your outpatient surgery facility performance to the next level by spending more time with your patients and less time looking for needed supplies. Having everything organized and in its place will help you achieve this goal. Your patients will thank you.