Make Every Day A Treat

March 28, 2014. This entry was posted in Tips & Resources

If you work in a pediatrician’s office or any facility that cares for children, you know the importance of the “treat box” for sure! Kids often come to the doctor’s office or hospital with some level of anxiety about the appointment or procedure. Understandably, kids often need a higher level of reassurance from healthcare providers, and the treat box can certainly help kids feel more comfortable when they visit the doctor.

How can you make sure to keep your treat box full of fun goodies for your young patients? Running out of treats or having outdated treats are not what you want, right?

The answer is this: use plastic medical containers to organize your treats for easy access—make it easy for kids to find something they like while they forget about being anxious.

At, you can find many different kinds of plastic medical bins to organize your treats. Choose from all different colors and sizes—and then add some wire shelving to make things nice and neat.

You might want to organize the treats for your patients in different bins according to age groups—one bin for toddlers, another bin for kids in elementary school, and still another bin for teenagers.

Or, you might want to separate the treats according to boy/girl preferences, making it quick and easy for kids to search through the treats to find something fun. You can even have extra bins for seasonal treats—rotate your treats according to the seasons or specific holidays to keep things fresh for your young patients. Treats make everyone’s day better—so make them even more accessible today!