Drawing Blood? Be Organized.

April 11, 2014. This entry was posted in Tips & Resources

Drawing blood can be a difficult healthcare task, depending on how cooperative the patient is! A patient that is young, very elderly, or just plain anxious (regardless of how old he or she is!) can complicate a simple blood draw. In addition, some patients may have veins that are difficult to locate, making necessary repeated attempts to find the vein.

Want to make the job easier for your lab technicians?

You can make drawing blood much, much easier for your lab technicians simply by providing great medical organization solutions for their workspaces.

How can you do this?Your lab technicians need some way to organize their blood draw supplies.

You can use:
Rolling carts
Plastic bins
Wire shelves
• And other medical containers

Quantum Medical offers many different types of medical storage options that would help your lab technicians get their blood draw supplies organized—and keep them that way! Whether they need a bin to put their empty vials in or a container for gauze and Band-Aids, Quantum Medical has something that will fit the bill.

Never again will your lab technicians need to scramble to reach something they need as they care for their patients. Everything will be at their fingertips, ready for use when needed. In addition, having blood draw supplies organized will help your lab techs know immediately when a certain item needs to be restocked or reordered.

Great medical organization contributes to great medical care—don’t be left behind!