Make Your Patients Happy

April 25, 2014. This entry was posted in Tips & Resources

Patients, understandably, are not always in the best moods when staying in the hospital or outpatient facility. They may be uncomfortable from recent surgeries or procedures, and they may also be anxious about getting test results or hearing diagnoses that will negatively impact their lives.

Great medical care focuses on helping patients physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This means that truly stellar healthcare providers will invest in ways to help make their patients comfortable and happy during hospital or outpatient facility stays.

How can you do this? One great way to make your patients more comfortable is to provide organization solutions in their room or space. A messy, cluttered room will drive many people crazy, upping the already-high level of anxiety.

An easy way to lower anxiety is to provide plastic bins, wire shelves, rolling medical carts, and other medical containers to allow patients to organize their belongings effectively.

Consider adding a mobile cart (like the ones found at to each patient room. This cart can be moved around the room as needed by the patient (if he or she is mobile) or by the patient’s friends and family members.

The cart can provide a place for the patient to put his or her:
• Reading materials
• Favorite snacks (if on an unrestricted diet)
• Medications
• Phone
• Computer
• Extra sets of clothes
• Slippers
• Robe
• Hairbrush
• Toiletry items (deodorant, toothbrush, perfume or cologne, and mouthwash)
• Glasses
• Bottled water
• And more

If your patients can be more comfortable—and they will be if they can have the things they need close at hand—they will recover more quickly, which is what everyone wants!