Store Grid Mounted Systems

Quantum Medical's Store Grid Mounted System is a versatile storage utility and display product suited to maximize efficiencies of underutilized spaces and empty walls. Store Grid has a sophisticated system that integrates wall tracks, grids, wall shelving and accessories in custom configurations and lengths. The use of the system around and above sinks, prep-stations, work tables, staging areas and equipment will keep these areas cleaner and more organized. Store Grid enables the flexibility to add wall shelving and wall mounted task stations to any space for ease of accessibility and functionality. The durability of the 15 year warranty antimicrobial epoxy and robust design of the system protects against product degradation and ensures easy installation and maintenance.

  • Keep small wares, utilities, inventory, tools, containers, utensils, and supplies off of the work surface and organized for fast, easy access. The work area remains clean and free from clutter to increase efficiencies
  • Grids attach to the uprights and enable the customizable configurations of accessories - bulk storage shelves, small supply shelves, baskets, hooks, drying rack accessories, utensil holders, bins, small utility racks, and a variety of holders
  • Easy installation and assembly. Mount the wall track and configure a customized work space using uprights, grids, shelves, and accessories